In today’s world of heating and cooling equipment where reliability is critical to business success. We appreciate the manifested trust of our numerous customers in choosing Chatsworth Star HVAC repair for reliable HVAC unit repairs. You can be assured that any HVAC repair services by Chatsworth Star technicians will be performed promptly and correctly the first time, allowing you to enjoy greater reliability and reducing risk of future break down.

Knowledgeable Chatsworth Star technicians will troubleshoot your equipment using information compiled from experiences with customers around the world. Your Chatsworth Star technician will look beyond the immediate failure and identify weaknesses or potential areas of possible failure and bring them to your notice. As an industry leading solutions provider, we service all brands and types of HVAC units.

Chatsworth Star is a world leader in the repair, replacement, and maintenance services for all brands and types of HVAC units. When you choose Chatsworth Star technicians, you can be very confident you are getting dependable service from highly trained industry experts. We have the technicians and the tools to fix your air conditioner no matter what type of air conditioning system you are using.

    5 Star HVAC Service – for a good reason

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    • eddie_l

      Customer service was awesome, they arrived within 45min.the prices were fair and they knew exactly what they were doing. they saved me and my family from a hot summers day without ac. I would recommend them to my family and friends.

      they will definitely be my first choice if I have ac problems again.

      thank you guys,

      – Eddie L.

    • dalar_m

      I needed a residential dryer vent cleaner and wasn’t quite sure on how to ask for it, other than I was advised that that’s what I needed. I had a really dusty office, and it was just bothering me so much. Five star, deserves five stars. This was determined by the service they had to offer.

      – Dalar M

    • craig_w

      I was actually recommended to this place by a friend who had some issues with his central air back in April. I gave them a call recently when I was having an intermittent issue with what I thought was just an air filter issue… Turns out it was a bit more complicated than that. A couple guys from HVAC came and fixed the issue within an hour and saved me lots of time and money. The customer service was great and the guys were very knowledgeable. I haven’t had any more issues with the air conditioner since then. I definitely recommend them…

      – Craig W.


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